zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

New look!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while! After a very long break I'm going to try to start posting again (: When I took a look at the statistics of my blog this morning, I was very surprised to see the amount and nationality of visitors that still visit my site, although I haven't been posting for too long (again) For example last week, I had 3 visitors from Israel, 20 from the US, some people from Latvia and a visitor from Turkey! Thanks guys, awesome (:

You might have noticed my blog has got a new look! I was bored with the old look and changed it just very fast. It's not perfect at all and I might be changing it again very soon, but it's different and fresh so (:

Wish you all a lovely day!

xoxo Iris

zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Hey YOU!

Hey you! Yes, I'm talking to you. Awesome that you're visiting my blog right now, really appreciate that! I hope you like my blog and if you do I've got a simple request. Can you see the 'Follow' button at the right side of this blog? Doesn't he look awesome? He likes it when people click on him, and I like it as well. So, please do (: Just a little effort, but it helps me a lot.

xoxo Iris

Stash: Catrice

Hi everyone!

Here's another picture of my stash. This time I'll show you all my nail polish of one of my favourite brands: Catrice! I've got 17 normal colours of Catrice and two topcoats. Also, I've got two white stripers, both almost empty because I use them in almost every nail art. I'll name every single colour at the bottom.

From left to right:
Nr.   Name
380  Forget-me-not
120  Plum Play With Me
130  Lucky in Lilac
140  Let’s Mauve On!
160  Sweets For My Sweets
180  Hot Or Not?
170  I Scream Peach!
520  Apropos Apricot
450  Sand Francisco
390  Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! (just a perfect title!)
240  Sold Out Forever
250  I Sea You!
340  Run Forest Run!
340  Run Forest Run! (weirdness, this one is so much darker than the other one)
350  Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!
280  London’s Weather Forecast
230  Clay-ton, My Hero


Ants, Mieren

Hier een erg oude nail art, maar speciaal voor Laura zijn hier ein-de-lijk de foto’s!

Waarschijnlijk ben ik begonnen met een basecoat van Essence, het is zo lang geleden dat ik het me amper herinner. Deze basecoat van Essence gebruik ik ook al lang niet meer, ookal was hij best fijn. Na de basecoat komt laag of twee van een wit van Essence die ik niet meer heb dus het nummer ervan ook niet weet, en daarna heb ik met het kwastje dat standaard in de nagellak zit, horizontale en verticale strepen getrokken met een hele fijne roze lak van de Hema, ik kan er alleen helaas geen nummer op vinden. Ik weet ook niet meer welke rood ik gebruikt heb, maar ik denk dat het nr. 10 Ready for action van Essence is. De mieren zijn met een tandenstoker gemaakt, door eerst een driehoekig hoofd, 2 kleinere bolletjes en een cirkel/ovaal te maken als lijf en daar vervolgens voelsprieten en pootjes aan te maken. Voor de mieren heb ik nr. 20 Fatal van Essence gebruikt. Topcoat erover en dan zijn ze klaar (:

Here an old nail art again!

I probably started with a basecoat from Essence, but I can't remember it very well anymore, because it's such a long time ago I made it. I don't use this basecoat anymore, although I liked it. After the basecoat I applied about two layers of a wite nail polish of Essence, which I don't have anymore so I can't tell you its number. After that, I made some horizontal stripes with the regular nail polish brush from a pink polish of the Hema, without a number. I can't really remember the red I used, but it probably was nr. 10 Ready for action from Essence. The ants are made with a toothpick by first making a triangular head, 2 smaller circles and an oval for his body and after that the feelers and legs are made. For the ants I used nr. 20 Fatal from Essence. Finish with a topcoat!
That's it for today (:

xoxo Iris

donderdag 9 juni 2011

No words.

Wauw, ik kan het me niet eens meer herinneren dat ik voor het laatst postte. Ik heb er geen woorden voor, ik durfde niet eens op mijn blog te kijken, omdat ik wist dat als ik naar de statistieken zou kijken, dat ik geconfronteerd zou worden met het aantal mensen dat elke dag teleurgesteld worden :(
Maar gelukkig kan ik wel vertellen dat ik genoeg materiaal heb om jullie die komende dagen te laten zien, ondanks dat ik al een tijdje geen nail arts meer gemaakt heb. Ik heb er vanavond weer één geprobeerd, en ik ben erachter gekomen dat nail art toch wel iets is wat je kunt verleren, haha. Gelukkig heb ik nog wat oudere dingen en ik heb de crunch die ik pas heb gekocht uitgetest. Ook heb ik op mijn verjaardag 'een paar' nieuwe nagellakjes gekregen, een stuk of 15 die ik jullie ook kan laten zien.
Jullie zullen zo snel mogelijk meer van me horen!

Wow, I can't even remember the last time I post something. I don't even have words for it, I didn't even dare to take a look at my blog, because I knew if I would look at the statistics I would be confrontated with the amount of people that I disappointed every single day :(
Well, at least I can tell you now that I've got enough material to show you in the coming days, although I haven't done real nail arts for weeks. I tried one again this evening and noticed that nail art is something you can unlearn, haha. Luckily I still have some older stuff left and I tested some crunch for on my nails. Also, I got 'some' new nail polish on my birthday, about 15 which I can show you as well.

You'll hear more of me as soon as possible!

xoxo Iris

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

I'm so sorry!

Shame on me, I'm so sorry for not posting so long! After I came back from Paris, I had to pack my stuff again and directly went to England for a week. I had the time of my life there and met some great people (!) but I forgot to tell you I was gone. After I came back from England, I was so tired I became ill, but now I feel a little bit better. It might still last some time before I start posting again because it's very bussy at the moment, my birthday, grandpa's birthday, friend's birthday, chatting with people from England, homework, messy room and also I want to go to bed early every evening to don't become ill again, so. Hope you understand and hope to be back soon! <3

Lots of love,

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Paris, here I come!

Yes! I'm going to Paris tomorrow! Nice for me, not so nice for you because that means I won't be posting anything untill Friday evening or maybe even Saturday afternoon because I also have plans for Saturday morning and I may have a shortage of time on Friday when I come back. I'm sorry for that and I hope to be back soon for you guys!
Enjoy your holiday (if you are having one)

xoxo Iris